What exactly are we?

"AL Market Markets," one of the key enterprises of "Azersun Holding" LLC, the country's leader in food manufacturing, retail sales, and agriculture, which began operating in Azerbaijan in 1991, is one of the most successful chain markets in the retail industry, with over 800 outlets in Baku and the surrounding areas. In addition to the basic interior design and product presentation of the "AL Market" chain shops, it provides its items on the basis of excellent quality and cheap pricing, while keeping costs under control via a successful supply chain. "AL Markets," Azerbaijan's first hard discount model implementer, has enhanced its shops' large choice of food and non-food goods with local and worldwide brands and unique products. "AL Market" has built trust-based relationships with all of its partners, including an experienced management team, over 5,000 workers from all four corners of the nation, and countless suppliers, and maintains the greatest level of customer satisfaction with an unconditional product return guarantee. "AL Markets," which are continually increasing year after year, continue to contribute to the country's economy and employment via the efforts and contributions of new workers.