Lentil rice pilaf recipe

Portion: 5 servings Difficulty rating: Difficult Preparation time: 20 min. Cooking time: 10 min.


“Şəhrizad” basmati rice – 2 cup. 

“Şəhrizad” red lentil – 2 cup. 

“Sevella” vermicelli pasta  – 0.5 cup.

“Vente” sweet corn – 1 cup

Butter – 200 gr.

Chicken thigh recipe – 200 gr. 

Onion – 2 pcs

Barberry – 2 tblsp. 

Salt – according to one’s taste

Method of preparation:

• Add salt to taste, 2 cups of rice, 2 cups of lentils and half a cup of vermicelli to boiling water and cook.

 • Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a seperate saucepan, add chicken thigh and roast them.

 • Add the onion to the chicken and wait until it cooks. 

• Make the rice addition we prepared on the cooked chickens.

 • Then add 1 cup of canned sweet corn and 2 tablespoons of barberry to the pilaf and let it cook over low heat. Bon Appetit!